Mortgage and Bank Fraud Cases
Require a Strong Defense

When most people hear of mortgage fraud today, there is a good chance they are thinking about actions by the banking and mortgage industry and the devastating impact their behavior had on our nation’s economy. It may be surprising to learn that most white collar criminal investigations do not focus on those big corporations, but rather on individuals and families accused of misrepresenting information on loan applications.

Federal mortgage fraud and bank fraud cases can be complex and require a strong defense. At the Fort Myers law firm of Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., we will defend your rights. If you or your family has been accused of mortgage fraud or bank fraud, who better to represent you than a former prosecutor and experienced defense lawyer who knows the justice system from both sides?

Mr. Wetter’s legal experience includes work as the lead trial attorney for the drug division in the Hillsborough County state attorney’s office. In this role he prosecuted major RICO and drug trafficking cases and oversaw the unit’s wiretap operations.

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When allegations of mortgage fraud are leveled against people, the actual criminal offenses may include a laundry list of other types of federal offenses, including wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering.

The facts that may give rise to allegations of mortgage or bank fraud can vary widely, but some common situations include:

  • In order to get a lower interest rate, a borrower tells the lender that the loan will be used to purchase a primary residence or second home, but the loan money is used for an investment property
  • In order to qualify for a larger loan amount, a borrower misrepresents how much income he or she has on his or her loan application and then uses false or forged documentation

In each case, the prosecutor must be able to produce evidence that there is an intent to misrepresent critical information in the loan application process.

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