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Arrest Records Can Be Expunged

Do you cringe every time you get to the section of a job application that asks about past arrests or convictions? It may be possible to seal or expunge old criminal records if they are preventing you from moving forward with your life.

Record expungement or sealing of records is an administrative function of the courts, but it is technical and complex. The law firm of Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., in Fort Myers, Florida, can determine if you qualify and he can move your petition through the channels as efficiently as possible.

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Sealing Criminal Records / Expungement
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Expungement wipes out all traces of the incident. Sealed records are shielded from prospective employers and other parties doing background checks, but are still visible to the courts and law enforcement.

Any arrest records can be expunged if
(a) you were acquitted at trial or if
(b) charges were dropped or dismissed prior to trial.

Certain convictions can be sealed or expunged if
(a) you were found not guilty at trial or
(b) if you entered a guilty plea and you satisfied the terms of a withheld adjudication.

If you were adjudicated guilty at trial (by judge or jury), you are
prevented from sealing or expunging those records.

You cannot seal or expunge records for some crimes, but most misdemeanors and many felonies qualify. There is also a limit on how many offenses can be stricken or sealed — generally you get “one bite of the apple.”

Once your records are sealed or destroyed by the court, you can truthfully state on applications that you were never arrested or convicted (for that offense).

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