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If you are accused of domestic violence battery, the criminal charges and the no-contact order can wreak havoc in your life, in the short term and for the future. Although the situation with a spouse or partner may blow over, these charges must be taken seriously.

Fort Myers criminal defense attorney Steven H. Wetter has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases from both sides of the law. He can defend you on the battery charge and make sure that the protective order is not overly restrictive or used as a weapon in divorce or custody matters.

Don’t be railroaded by domestic abuse accusations. Contact us day or night for a free consultation. We serve Lee County, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding Florida communities with domestic violence help.

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Successfully defending against drug charges or minimizing the impact that a drug arrest has on your life requires a series of smart decisions. The most important one you will make following a drug felony arrest is the attorney you select to represent you.

It is critical to speak with a drug crime lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest. The law office of Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., provides experienced and knowledgeable defense against the full spectrum of drug crimes, including:

Drug possession and other misdemeanors
There is no such thing as a “minor drug charge.” A conviction can negatively affect your job, future career opportunities, college acceptance, financial aid or other aspects of your life.

Drug trafficking
The more aggressive the charge, the more aggressive your defense counsel needs to be. We know how to uncover weak spots in the prosecution’s case.

Possession with intent to distribute
These charges often result from federal investigations and are tried in federal court. We will help you decide whether to fight the charges or seek a reduced sentence or alternative resolution.

Crimes involving prescription drugs
With prescription drugs, you may be surprised to discover that what you are accused of is even illegal. We provide a full explanation of the potential consequences and help you make the right decisions.

Narcotics charges
These crimes also frequently lead to federal charges, where prosecutors are more aggressive. We will review the arrest to see if evidence was obtained illegally or your rights were violated.

If you need a defense attorney, Steven Wetter is your guy!

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